Painting Sketching and Sculpting

There are some pretty creative people in my family. My grandfather was a very good cartoonist which complemented his wild sense of humor nicely, my uncle has several art degrees and has a sculpture that stands on the college campus, my grandmother was an interior decorator and my father was a store designer / draftsman. He was always sketching some idea to explain things better. My mom has beautiful handwriting as a result of her secretarial school, she has always been an excellent seamstress and later in life she learned to paint and quilt, and my sister makes some of the best bubble lettering I've ever seen! What artistic talent do I have? My idea of painting is to change the color of the walls. I did make a wire sculpture once in a college art class and professor asked to keep it. I should have at least taken a picture of it but didn't think of it.
Many years ago when my children were young I took this chapter to heart, especially the idea of illustrating or doodling the main points of a sermon for them while it was being preached. How difficult could it be and the examples in the book are inspirational. Have you tried doing this? It is not easy! Mrs. Schaeffer makes it look simple, but for me it was not! I am sure it had more to do with my lack of ability than the sermon being overly complicated. I'm not exaggerating. I made a doodle from a recent bible study lecture. Abraham Kuyper said, "as an image bearer of God, man possesses the possibility both to create something beautiful". This comforts me because while creating my not come easily for me, delighting in beautiful things does!

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