Persephone Minerals Halloween Collection

And more swatches! This time of Persephone Minerals Halloween collection. I believe that two of these, Spirit Realm and Dead Ringer have been made permanent. Dead Ringer and Spirit Realm are definitely the standouts of this collection. I think I need to reswatch Cemetery Dirt at some stage, since I seem to lack some of the sparkles in most of the swatch. I'm not sure how much I'll use Graveside Manner, Devil Doll and Pumpkin Head, so if anyone's fallen in love with these, I'd be happy to part with them, since they're not available any more.

In My 30's

Well I decided to teach myself to make clothes. I have always dreamed up awesome clothes and ask my aunt and friend and who ever else could sew! So now I decided on Sunday, I can do this, I can paint, make jewelery, do photography, why not this too? So my other half said he will buy me a sewing machine, and I bought patterns, no clue what the hell they explain on them, but soon enough I will do this. I have given myself until September to do this. Yay, here we go :)