Child Safety for Parents

I’m getting pretty tired of having to straighten people out about this. People past a certain age, mostly my age and older, have a fear of new technologies that seems unshakeable. Much like people feared the lightbulb when it first appeared, as hilariously lampooned in James Thurber’s famous cartoon of his aunt staring fearfully at the dangerous “electric radiation” she imagined coming out of the light fixture on her ceiling. One of the “memes” that reflects this generational fear is “kids using the internet are vulnerable to sexual predators”. What people have to understand about sexual predators is that they are creatures of opportunity. The vast majority of them offend when it is easy for them to. Say for instance, when their sibling hands over a niece or nephew saying “could you change his / her diaper for me?” or the teenage son of the friend down the street whom we ask to watch our kids for a couple of hours while we run some errands. Or the coach of the girls’ track team at the local high school. They are camp counselors, priests, professionals, relatives, friends, neighbors. They weasel into any place of trust they can. Then there are the somewhat smaller number whose predatory urges and strategies to satisfy that urge are advanced enough: 
Train up a child to say no
They hang around the places kids hang out: parks, schoolyards, video game halls, movie theaters, any place where kids congregate away from home. Finally, there are the ones who drive around in vans and snatch children off the street. These are the ones we read about in the paper that kill when they’re done. It makes a good “lead if it bleeds” story for the evening news. But it’s far less common than type number 1. The internet is not inherently a jungle of molesting fiends. Get that through your heads. It is no more inherently a place of terrible danger than the public library. But I would hesitate to send my young child alone to a public library unsupervised and without any street smarts, at least in every city I have ever lived in. Parents who do not give their children street smarts are doing them a terrible disservice. It is necessary on any thoroughfare, real street or internet. You teach children to be wary of strangers, to look both ways before crossing the street, and you teach them to beware the false sense of security granted by internet anonymity. The true, actual inherent and insidious danger of the internet, and myspace in particular, is all the advertising. protect your children from advertising, please. It is very, very bad for them. and that is something that’s inherent to myspace.

It's Been a While

Sorry for being gone, I was sick, a bridesmaid, and then I started back at construction (which doesn't bode well for polished nails, and I hate putting that much effort into them just to destroy them at work). So this is the first time in a while I've felt like painting my nails at all. I got rained out today, so I was home by 2pm, and I was feeling ambitious. I decided to try something new, after watching a tutorial that I found randomly. I used makeup sponges (finally I found a use for them!) and Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go to create a kind of gradient/french tip, then I stamped on my ring finger and thumb with Konad Black Pearl and plate M36. The thing with Easel Come, Easel Go is that I find it behaves more like a super insane silver glitter on steroids than a silver polish. So when sponging it on, it was surprisingly easy to create a pretty tip and then add light sparkles all over the nail as the polish on the sponge ran out. It's my go-to when I want very in-your-face-awesome nails without much effort, because it dries quickly, so I can slap on 2 coats, no top or base and still look damn good. I'm quite enjoying this sponging thing, I also experimented a bit with multi-colour things, but I did this on one nail and fell in love. We'll try something like this. Next time. Only it will be better executed.

Naked Adds

I wish I can understand the reasoning behind some advertising, they advertise underarm deoderant, nothing sexy about curbing the stinky armpits. But add a naked woman or dude and this magicly makes us all want to run out and get the brand... does that really? I actually hate the add where all the ppl in the add is naked and they move around to show your skin is alive its actually disgusting and makes me break out in a cold sweat of fear. Anyways I will not run out and get the naked brand but I am sure millions do... so what ever blows your skirt up goes! Peace out party ppl!

The Monster

So I proclaimed that I wanted to teach myself how to sew: and behold I got a sewing machine for mother’s day. I was scared at this little white machine, can you imagine that. I only got it out of the box after I put my little monster to sleep. So my mission is now to sew children clothes in traditional African material, and sew little monster toys. So I managed to make a pattern for the toy and also started sewing on the machine, after retreading it a bout 6 times, I managed to sew a bit. I am so exited. My toy looks super funny though, for the first attempt it’s not too bad. But let’s see how the final product looks. So that’s what’s happening in Sunny South Africa, my world today. Not overly exiting, not totally boring.