Jack Russells Everywhere!

We are getting: three 8 week old JRT puppies and mom from Holmes County Pound. A Puppy Mill owner dumped them there because he couldn't sell the puppies and now they are too old, no one wants them. Thank you to Rosi Harris for picking them up for us. A volunteer rescued a sweet JRT puppy and will be fostering her until she can be placed in a forever home. The 4 adult JRT's and the 1 Chi mix that are living in a hot garage... the story is this. An elderly couple in their 70's has them, they love their dogs but can't take care of them properly any more. They realize this and want to surrender them to the dog pound but the pound can't take in that many dogs. It is a small pound (Fayette County). The dog warden will go get the dogs tomorrow and then a passed adopted has offered to pick them up from the dog pound and drive them to Mansfield where she will meet another passed adopted and voluntter who will bring them to my house. We also have the feral family (Mom dog, Dad dog, Daughter dog and a litter of 3 week old puppies) which a group of volunteers are trying to rescue off the streets. With that being said we need foster homes! I so don't have enough places to put all these dogs at my house :)

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