Painting Sketching and Sculpting

There are some pretty creative people in my family. My grandfather was a very good cartoonist which complemented his wild sense of humor nicely, my uncle has several art degrees and has a sculpture that stands on the college campus, my grandmother was an interior decorator and my father was a store designer / draftsman. He was always sketching some idea to explain things better. My mom has beautiful handwriting as a result of her secretarial school, she has always been an excellent seamstress and later in life she learned to paint and quilt, and my sister makes some of the best bubble lettering I've ever seen! What artistic talent do I have? My idea of painting is to change the color of the walls. I did make a wire sculpture once in a college art class and professor asked to keep it. I should have at least taken a picture of it but didn't think of it.
Many years ago when my children were young I took this chapter to heart, especially the idea of illustrating or doodling the main points of a sermon for them while it was being preached. How difficult could it be and the examples in the book are inspirational. Have you tried doing this? It is not easy! Mrs. Schaeffer makes it look simple, but for me it was not! I am sure it had more to do with my lack of ability than the sermon being overly complicated. I'm not exaggerating. I made a doodle from a recent bible study lecture. Abraham Kuyper said, "as an image bearer of God, man possesses the possibility both to create something beautiful". This comforts me because while creating my not come easily for me, delighting in beautiful things does!

Skyfall Bonus

If Casino Royale was Bond's answer to Batman Begins and The Realistic Reboot trend, then Skyfall owes much to The Dark Knight, the Joker's relaxed and unhinged pathos imported to Javier Bardem's baddie. Odd and funny, and not really after money or power, Raoul Silva gives the film real stakes and the funniest and scariest moments. The final showdown's location, Skyfall, could not have been a more unexpected turn. I would have been fine with the usual rooftop time bomb fistfight, if done well. Skyfall switches into a new gear and by the final reel, this movie is in my top slot. I had wanted an adventure Bond, with roughing it and improvisation, and oh man, I got it. Every frame of Skyfall is gorgeous, and every note of the soundtrack is effective for the first time since Thunderball. Bonus Notes: The cast/plot economy of these productions, from the cheapest bottle episode of an old spy show to Skyfall itself, is an enduring and charming parameter. Even plots recycle, there are few new tropes to be found. I Spy has an epsiode (Home to Judgement, season 3) where Cosby and Culp's characters are fleeing bad guys across a field, hide out in a farmhouse, discover the old couple still there, and that the farm was Culp's childhood getaway. They have only his father's hunting rifle (which pulls to the right), so they set up booby traps like dynamite sticks and plastic baggies full of gunpowder wired to lamps. The bad guys show up at night for a battle raid.


Skyfall is the best modern James Bond movie. I say modern not as a copout. The Bond of the 60s is of a special vintage that has certain properties. Properties which don't lend themselves well to direct comparison. For example, while Daniel Craig is a vastly superior athlete and actor, he is not Sean Connery walking though a Jamaica airport in 1962. Seeing it in IMAX, I watched the film unfold knowing virtually nothing of Skyfall. I generally spoil myself silly with production tidbits and leaked photos. All I knew about Skyfall was that it had a neat title, and I speculated it was either a mission, a MacGuffin, or an allegorical title for a movie which would not be referenced directly. And I knew it had a good cast, and that it was supposed to be "better". I can see the grained-out 60s TV spot in my mind. A male voiceover, excitedly barking "What is Operation Skyfall? Who is Skyfall? James Bond is back, in Skyfall! An MGM Picture of dizzying heights, beautiful girls, and danger!" cue Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey duetting, if such a rugged microphone could exist. Daniel Craig and company restored sanity to the franchise with a very current trend: The Realistic Reboot. In one of these reboots, an old creaky franchise is revitalized with a dose of gritty, brooding realism paired with a tragic, operatic scale. 

Casino Royale was a notably good reboot, not just for Bond, for any genre film. Yet by paring down the clutter, Bond lost a little of the sparkle that make the films such events in the 1960s. Skyfall is a complete restoration of the glam, fun, and sizzle of early Bond films. While familiar elements and characters are back, its the cinematography and direction that elevate this one above all others. Composed with an eye for striking visual contrast, deep framing, suspenseful visual storytelling and a real sense of space, Skyfallis a stunner. It looks and sound better than it needs to be. It it quality overkill. It more than makes up for the choppy, sadly bland Quantum of Solace. Its action exists in place and time, intelligible and expensive looking. The old MI6 HQ was never very interesting visually, but the underground bunker is much nicer, and a nod to remote HQ's such as the grounded ship and pyramid remote offices of past Bond films. To say that's it's nice to have Q (and M back as Ian Fleming intended) is an understatement. While Judy Dench was good, she was never as good as she was here. It took her exit and a script worth her talent to bring out her best acting of the series.

Lets Get Flawless Skin

It's taken me a while to find products that make my skin feel and look great. I get sucked into companies who say you have to use all 3 of their branded products to achieve great skin... that's a big fat lie! Use what works for you if it doesn't work try something else... I don't believe in spending a fortune on products that may work for "Cheryl Cole" that's mentioned in OK magazine. I'll try and list the products in order that I use them: Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion - I bought this a few years ago and I have never looked back! Its super affordable and again you can get it from most places. It is a blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness to gently cleanse drier skin keeping it smooth and softened.  Its suitable for sensitive skin too. I love this cleanser. I applying it to my face with my fingers and remove with a cotton wool pad. You'll be surprised at how much dirt still comes off your face even when you've had a shower. I use this cleanser in the morning and at night. Just because it leaves my skin feeling brand new. Its under a fiver to buy and its high quality in my eyes.

Starting your Weight Loss Plan

You finally have come to realize that you may need a weight loss diet plan for yourself. Instead of moping around feeling all depressed and feeling fat, you have decided to finally do something about it. Well, congratulations for having realized so! Here are a few tips to help you get started with your weight loss plan: Be a Label Reader - It is essential for your weight loss that you learn to read labels. Watch out for the things that you eat and put into your mouth. Learn reading about the caloric content of the food and learn to compare, this will allow you to make the healthier and wiser choice on foods. You should look out for the caloric content not only for the food you eat but also for the liquids you drink. Remember that you would want to lose some weight so it is important that you be careful with your calorie intake. Grains and Produce - For healthier choices in your food intake, eat more grains and produce. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are not only nutritious and health promoters (by lessening disease-risks), they are also good for those into weigh loss programs. These foods are naturally low in calorie. 

Jenny McCarthy eating

Fill up your stomach with these kinds of food so that there will only be little room left for your unhealthy food choices. The fibers contained in these foods help stretch the food you take in causing your stomach to feel full with only a small amount of food eaten and the fullness you feel even lasts longer. It is a perfect way to avoid overeating. Water - As universally known, water is life and good for your health. Drinking water can assist you in your weight loss since it helps alleviate bloating. Eliminate your usual high caloric content drinks and go with water. It is not only cheaper, but it also helps you in your weight loss and it is also cleansing. Get Moving - Sweat out the extra fats and burn those calories off. Exercise is on off the healthiest way to lose weight. It can help tone out your body making you feel healthy and looking fit. A simple 1 hour, everyday exercise can do a lot of wonders to you. Remember to be steady with your exercise. These are just a few weight loss tips to help you get started. As you go through your weight loss plan, you will be able to come across more tips and guidelines and in time, be even to develop your own. Just remember to keep pushing your weight loss goal!

Jack Russells Everywhere!

We are getting: three 8 week old JRT puppies and mom from Holmes County Pound. A Puppy Mill owner dumped them there because he couldn't sell the puppies and now they are too old, no one wants them. Thank you to Rosi Harris for picking them up for us. A volunteer rescued a sweet JRT puppy and will be fostering her until she can be placed in a forever home. The 4 adult JRT's and the 1 Chi mix that are living in a hot garage... the story is this. An elderly couple in their 70's has them, they love their dogs but can't take care of them properly any more. They realize this and want to surrender them to the dog pound but the pound can't take in that many dogs. It is a small pound (Fayette County). The dog warden will go get the dogs tomorrow and then a passed adopted has offered to pick them up from the dog pound and drive them to Mansfield where she will meet another passed adopted and voluntter who will bring them to my house. We also have the feral family (Mom dog, Dad dog, Daughter dog and a litter of 3 week old puppies) which a group of volunteers are trying to rescue off the streets. With that being said we need foster homes! I so don't have enough places to put all these dogs at my house :)

Child Safety for Parents

I’m getting pretty tired of having to straighten people out about this. People past a certain age, mostly my age and older, have a fear of new technologies that seems unshakeable. Much like people feared the lightbulb when it first appeared, as hilariously lampooned in James Thurber’s famous cartoon of his aunt staring fearfully at the dangerous “electric radiation” she imagined coming out of the light fixture on her ceiling. One of the “memes” that reflects this generational fear is “kids using the internet are vulnerable to sexual predators”. What people have to understand about sexual predators is that they are creatures of opportunity. The vast majority of them offend when it is easy for them to. Say for instance, when their sibling hands over a niece or nephew saying “could you change his / her diaper for me?” or the teenage son of the friend down the street whom we ask to watch our kids for a couple of hours while we run some errands. Or the coach of the girls’ track team at the local high school. They are camp counselors, priests, professionals, relatives, friends, neighbors. They weasel into any place of trust they can. Then there are the somewhat smaller number whose predatory urges and strategies to satisfy that urge are advanced enough: 
Train up a child to say no
They hang around the places kids hang out: parks, schoolyards, video game halls, movie theaters, any place where kids congregate away from home. Finally, there are the ones who drive around in vans and snatch children off the street. These are the ones we read about in the paper that kill when they’re done. It makes a good “lead if it bleeds” story for the evening news. But it’s far less common than type number 1. The internet is not inherently a jungle of molesting fiends. Get that through your heads. It is no more inherently a place of terrible danger than the public library. But I would hesitate to send my young child alone to a public library unsupervised and without any street smarts, at least in every city I have ever lived in. Parents who do not give their children street smarts are doing them a terrible disservice. It is necessary on any thoroughfare, real street or internet. You teach children to be wary of strangers, to look both ways before crossing the street, and you teach them to beware the false sense of security granted by internet anonymity. The true, actual inherent and insidious danger of the internet, and myspace in particular, is all the advertising. protect your children from advertising, please. It is very, very bad for them. and that is something that’s inherent to myspace.